Will NVivo 8 operate on Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system?

NVivo 8 has been independently tested and granted the 'Certified for Windows Vista' logo. The 'Certified for Windows Vista' logo is a compatibility designation for programs and devices that have passed a rigorous testing program on computers that are running Windows Vista.The technical requirements for this designation target four core areas:ReliabilitySecurityCompatibility with Windows Vista and future operating systemsInstallation and removalWhilst NVivo 8 does operate on Microsoft's Windows Vista operating system, if you do not have Vista Service Pack 1 installed, you may be affected by a known issue that exists between Microsoft SQL Server, which is used by NVivo 8 and Windows Vista.You will know if you are affected by this issue if you see the following error message when you try to install NVivo 8 on Vista: SQL Server Setup failed to execute a command for server configuration. The error was [Microsoft][SQL Native Client][SQL Server]Windows NT user or group 'COMPUTERNAME\SQLServer2005MSSQLUser$COMPUTERNAME$ MSSQLSERVER' not found. Check the name again. Refer to the server error logs for detailed error information. You will see this error message if you are not using Windows Vista Service Pack 1 and your computer name contains lower case letters. There are two workarounds available to allow you to get up and running with Vista:Workaround 1: Install Windows Vista Service Pack 1The issue that causes this error message was resolved by Microsoft in Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Therefore, we encourage you to install this service pack from the Microsoft website. Download Windows Vista Service Pack 1. Note: We recommend that you have the latest service pack and updates installed for Windows Vista to avoid possible issues. For further information, please refer to the Microsoft knowledgebase article, How to obtain the latest Windows Vista Service Pack.Once the installation of Windows Vista Service Pack 1 is completed, please proceed to reinstall your NVivo 8 Software.Workaround 2: Changing your computer name to include upper case lettersIf you are unable to install Windows Vista Service Pack 1, changing your computer name to only include upper case letters and to exclude special characters such as hyphens (-) will also allow NVivo 8 to get up and running with Vista.To do this:Uninstall NVivo 8 from your computer via Control panel > Add/Remove programs.Click Start, right-click Computer, and then click Properties.Under Computer name, domain, and workgroup settings, click Change settings. If you are prompted for an administrator password or for a confirmation, type your password, or click Continue.In the System Properties dialog box, click Change.In the Computer name box, note the original computer name, and then type a temporary computer name in uppercase characters. For example, type WORKTEMP. Click OK. Note: If you are prompted to enter the name and password of a domain account that has permission to rename the computer, type your credentials, and then click OK.When you are prompted to restart the computer to apply the changes, click OK, click Close, and then click Restart Now.Follow steps 2 through 7 to change the computer name to the original computer name. When you specify the original computer name, type the name in uppercase characters. For example, type WORKSTATION instead of Workstation.Install/Reinstall the latest version of NVivo 8, which includes Service Pack 4 (NVivo 8 version 8.0.340.0) from the Downloads page on our website.Working with NVivo 8 trial Software on Windows VistaThe NVivo 8 trial Software which is currently available from our website works on Windows Vista. If you install this trial Software and receive the error message outlined above, you will need to apply one of the solutions described here.Have further questions or need more information? Submit a support request form..

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