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Making sense of human data

23 May 2017 - BY QSR International

Published May 23, 2017

Government Computer News (GCN) (Reach: 100,066)

Public Sector IT managers responsible for acquiring and implementing technology within their organizations face common challenges: scalability, security, reliability and transparency. GCN provides technology assessments, recommendations and case studies to the full scope of technology decision makers in the federal and state & local markets. Editorial topics include big data, cloud, cybersecurity, data centers, mobile and emerging technology.

“Making Sense of Human Data” by Stephanie Kanowitz

“To get a better understanding of its patients’ health care needs, the Department of Veterans Affairs is turning to software that can help extract meaning from "human data."

Human data is often non-numerical, or unstructured - focus group feedback, survey responses, social media posts, online comments, handwritten letters and phone calls, for example -- meaning, most big data analysis software can’t handle it. QSR International’s NVivo software works in tandem with big data to maximize understanding of both structured and unstructured data, which makes up 90 percent of data.”

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