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A look at what's new in NVivo for Mac

25 November 2015 -

Blitz your next research paper with the latest features in NVivo for Mac.

Collaborate in teams and easily show levels of coding consistency (aka intercoder reliability), import bibiographical data from EndNote, and use colors to keep track of what you're doing.

Get organized for team collaboration

A team approach to data analysis offers great rewards - each person brings a fresh perspective and many hands can make light work (as long as they have a shared understanding of the research question and a consistent approach to coding).

In the latest update to NVivo for Mac, you'll find tools to support your collaborative efforts - you can merge individual projects into a master project and run a coding comparison query to check for coding consistency and agreement.

Consider this scenario:

1. Early in a project, you ask team members to code a set of 'pilot' documents:


2. You then merge their projects into the master project (all the coding comes in too):


3. You run the coding comparison query to check for coding consistency between team members: 


Are team members coding content in a similar way or are there significant differences? You can open a source and see how the content is coded:


Bring the team together to iron out any areas of disagreement and canvas ideas about how to move forward - and, of course, you can record all of these insights in a memo.

This example is just the tip of the iceberg - for more information about how to work with coding comparison queries, refer to the help article Run a coding comparison query.

Bring your EndNote Library into NVivo

Do you struggle to stay on top of all the articles and books related to your research topic? 

It's not easy.

First, you need to find the material, organize it and make sure you capture the bibliographical details (for citing later on). It's no wonder so many researchers turn to EndNote for help with this stage - it's an invaluable tool for searching online databases, collecting articles and storing references. 

But collecting and organizing references is not enough (sad, I know) - you also need to read, synthesize, compare, find gaps and generally become an expert in your field. It's exhilarating and sometimes challenging. 

The good news is - now NVivo for Mac can help you with this leg of the journey. You can bring your EndNote references (and any linked PDFs, notes or abstracts) into NVivo and get down to the nitty gritty analysis.

You can code the material and annotate as you read. Use word frequency queries to find common themes. Compare what authors are saying using a matrix coding query. As you go, capture all your insights in a memo and avoid that dreaded writer's block when it comes to preparing your research paper.

This help article gives you detailed instructions for importing references out of EndNote and into NVivo - Exchange data between NVivo and reference management tools

In the meantime, here's a quick taste:

Add a little color to your research

Your NVivo for Mac project just got a little brighter. Now, you can use color to distinguish, organize and keep track of your sources, nodes and attribute values.

You just select the item you want to color, click File>Get Info and choose your favorite shade. 

For example, you can color your nodes:


Experiment with colors and see what works best for you - find out more in About Color.

Managing references, merging projects, analyzing coding consistency and applying color - there's a lot to explore in the latest NVivo for Mac, grab a coffee and get started!

Drop us a line and let us know what you think.