Can I use a foot pedal with NVivo to transcribe video and audio?

You can use a foot pedal, provided you configure the foot pedal actions to send keystrokes corresponding to NVivo's media playback commands, such as Play/Pause (F7), Stop (F8), Skip Back (F9) or Skip Forward (F10). For example, you can use the Infinity USB foot pedal ("IN-USB1" or "IN-USB2") together with the free foot pedal controller software Pedable to transcribe with NVivo, as follows:

  1. Connect the Infiinity USB foot pedal to your computer
  2. Start the Pedable Software
  3. In Pedable, click Options to:
    1. set the food pedal type
    2. set the number of pedals and
    3. confirm the pedals you are going to use (Foot Pedal Setup)
  4. In Pedable, click Wizard to map pedals to particular keystrokes, e.g.
    1. Left Pedal – Send Key F8
    2. Center Pedal – Send Key F7
    3. Right Pedal – Send Key F9
  5. Run NVivo and start transcribing using the foot pedal.
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