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NVivo 8 reviewed

Author: Tim Macer
Publication: Research magazine
Date: 5 May 2008
Related Product: NVivo 8

Tim Macer reviews NVivo 8 in UK publication Research and determines if NVivo 8 will “deliver on its promise to allow users greater freedom”.

Tim writes, “NVivo, the stalwart of academic qualitative researchers, has suddenly embraced multimedia files with a passion, and in doing so widened its appeal to a much broader spectrum of qual researchers.”

“While video recordings of qualitative interviews and groups are now commonplace, handling video is often unwieldy and can force researchers to fall back on textual transcripts that fail to capture expression or nuance.”

“The breakthrough with NVivo 8 is its ability to import a wide range of source materials and make these easy for researchers to tag with comments and observations, including video and audio. You can also import Word files and even PDFs, and you can link them together if you have a full transcript and a video of your group.”

The review also includes a client perspective from Silvana Di Gregorio, an independent qualitative analysis consultant and owner of SDG Associates. Silvana says “NVivo 8 has made an extraordinary leap forward, with the ability to analyse videos, audio and graphics. I think it can revolutionise ways of analysis.”

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Published with kind permission from Research magazine


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