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QSR in the news

  • NVivo and TranscribeMe partner
    The Rust Report, March 2014


    The Rust Report covers our partnership with TranscribeMe.
  • Opinion piece in ATSE Focus: Collaborating to manage innovation and technology
    ATSE Focus, November 2012


    Creating the right working environment is a critical part of a collaborative approach to innovation. In this article, QSR’s Chief Technology Officer, Adam Long, discusses how QSR creates an environment of innovation through our approach to product strategy and project management.
  • Opinion piece in MrWeb: Drowning in data: has QDAS technology finally come of age?
    MrWeb, October 2010


    Whether you blame the Internet, people's insatiable appetite for downloading content, or Gen Y's tendency to share everything and anything on the world wide web, in today's world, we're bombarded with more data than ever. QSR International's CEO, John Owen, discusses how embracing qualitative data analysis software can assist researchers to organize and make sense of this explosion of data.
  • Opinion piece in Quirk's Marketing Research Review: Too much information?
    Quirk's Marketing Research Review, August 2010


    While the ability to examine consumers' brain waves to test their reactions to products, services or advertising shows promise, QSR International's CEO John Owen, argues that care should be taken in the use of neuromarketing research techniques.
  • A Case of Improving the Peer-Review Process
    Econtent, July 2010


    Marion Waldman began Albany, N.Y. based iD8 Publishing Services in 2005. The company is a vendor for the educational publishing industry, providing a full range of services that take the customer through the early phases of production. An integral part of academic publishing is peer review, which ensures the quality and integrity of a book or journal. However, based on her past experiences, Waldman knew peer review is rarely an efficient process. A first-edition book project, for example, may require up to eight unique reviewers per chapter. Waldman wanted to find an efficient online system that could manage large amounts of qualitative data that could generate reports for authors.

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