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New global landscape for qualitative researchers with language releases

Date: 29 August 2008
Category: Announcements

NVivo 8 is now available in Simplified Chinese and Spanish. And that’s just the start. Today, QSR International CEO John Owen can reveal that, following on from the Japanese version of NVivo 7 released last year, a new Japanese version of NVivo 8 is due for release within weeks. Additional language versions are also under consideration.

Chinese and Spanish ‘firsts’

While NVivo has always been able to work with data in virtually any language, for the first time you can now switch seamlessly between Spanish, Simplified Chinese and English interfaces and support materials at any time, without affecting your project.

For Chinese-speaking researchers and decision makers, the Simplified Chinese interface means access to the first localized qualitative research software in their own language.

University of Hong Kong PhD student and Hong Kong national Li Ling said the Chinese version of NVivo 8 will make computer assisted qualitative analysis available to many of her non-English speaking colleagues for the first time.

”I know many (non-English speaking) Chinese scholars and students who are working in traditional ways with pencil and paper. To work and analyze data in your mother-tongue is always preferable – it is faster and more in-depth. To be able to do this within software like NVivo will be an advantage,” Ms Li said.

Assistant Professor Ruben Calduch is the Health, Medicine and Society Director of the Faculty of Medicine at the Universidad Nacional de Tucuman in Argentina. He expects the new Spanish interface will also enhance the research process for Spanish speaking academics and researchers.

“NVivo is qualitative research at work...and it is of utmost importance to work in our native language. It is as if watching the world from home,” he said.

Same tools, different languages

Regardless of the language you work in, you’ll have access to the same NVivo features that allow you to import, code and analyze audio files, videos, digital photos, Word, PDF, rich text and plain text documents side-by-side.

That’s because this isn’t a new version of NVivo. Instead, new capabilities have been added to the existing software via a service pack. There’s no price increase and no additional cost for the update, just the benefit of being able to choose from three languages – Spanish, Simplified Chinese or English.

Existing NVivo 8 users, including trial users, will be automatically notified of the service pack and the simple download process within the next seven days via their software. There’s no need to uninstall and reinstall software. Service pack 2 is simply downloaded from the QSR website with a few clicks.

New users who purchase or trial NVivo 8 after the service pack is released will automatically have access to the Chinese and Spanish interfaces and will be prompted to choose a language during installation.

Customized interfaces and support

Your chosen interface language will be stored in NVivo’s user settings. That means if you’re sharing computer access, for instance in university labs or at hot desks at work, you won’t have to re-enter your settings each time – NVivo will automatically display your preferred language when you log in. You can also switch between languages at any point in your project and as often as you like with just a few mouse clicks. Only the interface changes – your project data will remain untouched.

Mr Owen said support resources were critical to the new language versions, and materials had been translated into Simplified Chinese and Spanish. Users will have access to online help in their selected language, as well as mini ‘show me’ movies. An animated introductory tutorial, a guide to ‘Getting Started’, and detailed information for network administrators have also been translated, along with other materials that can be accessed from the Spanish or Simplified Chinese pages on QSR’s website.

QSR partners and purchase points

If English is your preferred language, you can order NVivo 8 by contacting QSR directly or via the 'Quick Order' area on the QSR website. Locally, the software will be available through QSR International partners whose details can be found on the QSR website.

Read the full article for further information, including more quotes from Chinese speaking researchers.

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