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NVivo 8 is here! Find out what’s new

Date: 12 March 2008
Category: Announcements

The future of qualitative data analysis software has arrived with the landmark launch of NVivo 8. Work with audio or video files, even if you don’t have a transcript; create and export professional charts; or compare analysis completed by different users. Find out what’s new in NVivo 8.

NVivo 8 has an interface that’s similar to Office 2007 and for the first time the software allows you to:

  • Import, sort and analyze virtually any piece of information in any language, from videos, interview recordings and documents, to digital photos, media clips, podcasts and even music. 
  • Work with transcripts or work without them, analyzing material straight from audio and video files. You can even create transcripts or text files within the software as you go. 
  • View or listen to video and audio clips via inbuilt media players. 
  • Merge separate projects and still identify which work was completed by which person, as well as view the notes and analysis completed by each team member. 
  • Share files and findings, including audio, video or sections of documents with clients or colleagues who don’t have NVivo, using HTML web pages. 
  • Query the analysis completed by individuals or teams and run comparisons to show the percentage of analysis that is the same or different across users. 
  • Create and export professional charts, including three dimensional bar graphs and pie charts.
  • See colored bars called ‘coding stripes’ reflect research factors such as gender, age or income and watch them evolve in real time. 
  • Watch new animated ‘show me’ tutorial movies and access the most up-to-date help and support resources online.  

For the full list of new features in NVivo 8, download What’s new in NVivo 8.

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