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Spanish and Mandarin coming to NVivo!

Date: 4 June 2008
Category: Announcements

NVivo 8 will be launched in Mandarin and Spanish in August 2008.

While NVivo has always been able to work with data in virtually any language, for the first time the software’s user interface will be fully translated into Spanish and Mandarin. Users will be able to switch seamlessly between Spanish, Mandarin and English interfaces and support materials at any time, without affecting their projects or data.

QSR International CEO John Owen said the new interfaces would be available free to all NVivo 8 users, including those trialing software, via Service Pack 2.

“This isn’t a new version of NVivo. Instead, we’re adding new capabilities to our existing software in August via a service pack,” he said.

“There’s no price increase and no additional cost for the update, just the benefit of being able to choose from three languages – Spanish, Mandarin or English.”

The translations will mean Mandarin users will now have access to localized qualitative research software – a world first. For Spanish users, the move means working within NVivo in their own language for the first time.

Greater global collaboration

Following the update, the selected interface language will be stored in NVivo’s user settings. That means people sharing computer access, for instance in university labs or at hot desks at work, won’t have to re-enter their settings each time – NVivo will automatically display their preferred language when they log in. Full NVivo 8 support material, including Help, the guide to Getting Started and an animated tutorial will also be available in the selected language.

Mr Owen said the move will allow greater collaboration across global research projects.

“For those using NVivo 8 software to manage global projects, it means they can work in their own language but use the same methodology and process as their overseas colleagues. Researchers will also be able to open each other’s projects regardless of whether they’re working with English, Mandarin or Spanish interfaces.”

NVivo user Dr. Petula Ho Sik-ying of the University of Hong Kong has welcomed the move:

"Our research team works in multiple sites in Hong Kong and mainland China and in multiple languages....English, Cantonese, and Mandarin.....for our Chinese colleagues to be able to conduct analysis using NVivo 8 on a Chinese Windows platform is a real breakthrough! We'll be able to work in the same way in the same software, just using different languages."

Pilar Lacas from Spain’s Universidad de Alcalá’ agrees:

"Working with a Spanish interface, after so many years using NVivo in English, will be great. The analysis will be much faster, as everything is easier when you use your own language." 

Updates and downloads 

NVivo 8 users will be automatically notified of the service pack and the simple download process in August via their software. New users who purchase or trial NVivo 8 after the service pack is released will automatically have access to the Mandarin and Spanish interfaces and will be prompted to choose a language during installation.

The Mandarin and Spanish translations are part of QSR International’s strategy to make qualitative analysis software available to non-English speaking researchers worldwide. A fully translated Japanese version of NVivo 7 was launched in February 2007 and a new Japanese version of NVivo 8 is expected to be released later this year.

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