Consultation Teams

Do More in Less Time

  • NVivo enables quicker, more detailed analysis of data, enabling even more thorough analysis.
  • NVivo allows a wide variety of source data to be analyzed within one workspace.
  • NVivo usage promotes consistency across data sources and teams.
  • NVivo enables working across a number of projects at one time.
  • NVivo can provide snap-shots of key themes, through visualisation; supporting decision makers.

Provide Complete and Accurate Answers

  • NVivo usage promotes a standardised approach to the collection of data.
  • NVivo is a tried and trusted qualitative research product, proven rigorous by academics across the world.
  • Need to be able to translate complex data into clear information.
  • NVivo has inbuilt visualization models (i.e graphs, word clouds, word trees, matrices, etc ) which can easily be imported into reports.
  • NVivo is able to build simple, yet powerful queries to interrogate data fully.

Keep up with Best Professional Practice and Tools

  • There is a wide range of training options – online courses, on-site workshops, webinars – to get teams or individuals established using NVivo.
  • Innovative flagship public sector organisations use leading edge consultation tools like NVivo.
  • Using NVivo illustrates best practice consultation methodology and analysis amongst peers.
  • Using NVivo is endorsed by professional bodies (i.e. TCI, LARIA, SRA and Participate)