Policy Makers

Provide Robust Evidence

  • NVivo helps justify how decisions are reached.
  • NVivo enables better evidence-based decision making.
  • NVivo assists an organisation to be accountable for its actions.
  • NVivo allows the building of a knowledge hub of past consultation projects – meaning comparisons can be done on people’s views over a period of time.

Present Evidence Simply and Clearly

  • NVivo can give you a strategic overview, not just the fine detail of the consultation results.
  • NVivo gives simple, clear and easy to understand visualisation of results that can presented to a variety of different audiences (i.e. Leaders, Staff, Public, etc)

Make Decisions Quickly

  • NVivo gives ongoing access to consultation insight and key themes.
  • NVivo frees up consultation team’s time to work on multiple projects at once.

Explore alternatives with “What if….?” questions

  • NVivo enables consultations to be more responsive as insight and themes emerge during active consultation phase.
  • NVivo provides the ability to dig deeper in the data during, or post, consultation to respond to questions that were not initially anticipated.