Recent changes to NCapture:


V  June 1st 2017

  • Resolved: You can now capture 'Posts as Dataset' when on a Facebook page.

V  January 24th 2017

  • Added: Support for Facebook API v2.7

V  June 30th 2016

  • Resolved: You can now capture 'Posts as Dataset' when on a Facebook page.
  • Improved: Handling of capturing 'Posts as Dataset' for Facebook pages with a large number of posts and comments.
  • Improved: Handling of webpages captured using 'Article as PDF'.
  • Changed: The browser page now refreshes when capturing a Facebook page.

V  January 13th 2016

  •      Added: You can now capture the pages of Facebook Groups that have their names in the URL.
  •      Resolved: You will no longer incorrectly see the 'Posts as Dataset' capture option when on a Facebook User page.
  •      Resolved: You can now capture 'Posts as Dataset' when on the Timeline view of a Facebook page.
  •      Resolved: You can now capture 'Posts as Dataset' when the page is opened from Facebook search results.
  •      Resolved: YouTube comment replies are now correctly captured when capturing video and comments. The number of replies captured is determined by YouTube.

V 1 0 216 0  October 1st 2015

  •      Resolved: Tweets from Twitter can be captured once again after authorization for NCapture to access Twitter has been granted by the user

V 1 0 213 0  July 8th 2015

  •      Improved: Handling of Twitter retweets
  •      Improved: Retweet Usernames are no longer counted as Mentions
  •      Changed: YouTube commenter username now includes the display name
  •      Changed: LinkedIn information can now only be captured as a PDF (due to LinkedIn API change)

V 1 0 205 0  April 17th 2015

  •      Added: Support for YouTube API v3—which has the following impacts:
  •      Changed: The username of commenters is now captured as a unique identifier represented by a string of characters
  •      Changed: Location information for video authors and commenters is no longer captured 
  •      Changed: The updated date of videos is no longer captured 

V 1 0 201 0  March 6th 2015

  •      Changed: You can now only capture Facebook User walls as PDFs (due to Facebook API change)
  •      Changed: Facebook Page and Group walls captured as datasets no longer include biographical information (such as Gender) of the people who post on the wall (due to Facebook API change)

V 1 0 190 0  September 20th 2013

  •      Resolved: Unable to capture number of Likes in Facebook (due to API change)
  •      Resolved: Unable to capture Twitter list as a dataset
  •      Resolved: Unable to complete a capture in some scenarios if a duplicate node name was entered

V 1 0 185 0  July 31st 2013

  •      Added: Ability to capture just the main article on a web page (as a PDF)
  •      Added: Ability to capture the association between Facebook comments and replies
  •      Added: Auto-complete feature which displays suggestions for node names based on previously entered node names
  •      Added: A separate Help site for NCapture
  •      Improved: During Facebook captures, more detailed progress information is displayed
  •      Resolved: NCapture not launching on first click in some scenarios
  •      Resolved: Unable to launch NCapture on Windows XP in some scenarios
  •      Resolved: Problems capturing Facebook pages with a large number of posts
  •      Resolved: Unable to capture Facebook wall as a dataset in some scenarios after using Facebook search to navigate to the wall
  •      Resolved: YouTube comments captured display incorrect timestamps

V 1 0 169 0  June 11th 2013

  •      Resolved: Facebook replies to comments no longer captured (due to API switchover June 11, 2013)

V 1 0 147 0  February 22nd 2013

  •      Added: Support for Twitter API v1 1
  •      Resolved: Capture problem on Windows XP affecting users without administrator privileges

V 1 0 141 0  February 6th 2013

  •      Added: Ability to capture YouTube videos and associated comments
  •      Added: Ability to calculate location coordinates of social media users based on their profile information
  •      Improved: Default capture options when capturing LinkedIn discussions
  •      Resolved: Problem capturing certain web pages in the 64-bit version of Internet Explorer
  •      Improved: Source type labels changed to be consistent with NCapture for Chrome

V 1 0 123 0  October 24th 2012

  •      Resolved: Change to Twitter web site prevented capture of Twitter search results as a dataset
  •      Resolved: Change to Twitter web site caused problems with user authentication and data capture limits

V 1 0 114 0  October 3rd 2012

  •      Improved: Stability when capturing very large Facebook walls
  •      Resolved: Problems capturing from private groups in Facebook
  •      Resolved: Corrected default source type for Facebook captures when content cannot be captured as a dataset
  •      Resolved: Change to Facebook web site caused problem with capturing wall pages as dataset
  •      Resolved: Pictures did not import with Facebook data
  •      Changed: Acceptance of license agreement now part of first launch (instead of installation)
  •      Improved: PDF layout quality by varying page size based on web browser width
  •      Improved: Stability when capturing particular group discussions on LinkedIn
  •      Resolved: Problem reauthorizing NCapture for Twitter after revoking access
  •      Resolved: Problems with NCapture on some computers running Windows XP

V 1 0 102 0  August 24th 2012

  •      Added: Support for new Twitter filter Tweets feature (view All or No Replies)
  •      Improved: Stability when capturing Twitter data
  •      Improved: Authorization required only once when capturing LinkedIn groups
  •      Improved: Default capture options when capturing Facebook pages

V 1 0 99 0  July 20th 2012

  •      Resolved: Change to Twitter web site caused problem with capturing protected Tweets

V 1 0 93 0  June 13th 2012

  •      Initial release