Are there any known issues in NVivo 9?

NVivo 9 contains a small number of known issues, which we’ve listed below. Also, where they’re available, we have given you ‘tips’ or workarounds.

  1. User defined Reports or Extracts displaying Coding References for datasets that have been autocoded or coded by entire columns may be inaccurate. Currently only one reference is counted per column, whereas List Views in NVivo 9 count each coded cell.
  2. Chinese and Japanese characters don’t display correctly when saving report results as a PDF document. 
    TIP: Instead of PDF, save the report as *.docx, *.rtf. or *.html. If you require the report in PDF format, then export the file using the default *.docx option, then open the report in MS Word and save the file as a PDF from MS Word. 
  3. Choosing to ‘Print Preview’ a large dataset may result in the following error message "Table Cell capacity is exceeded. The form has to be closed to restore table state".
  4. While importing very large Excel datasets, an error may be displayed such as "Spreadsheet contains unsupported data". 
    TIP: The workaround is to use Excel and export the contents of the relevant spreadsheet as a tab or comma separated file. Then import the text file into NVivo as a dataset.
  5. Importing large datasets can take a considerable amount of time.
  6. NVivo Server 9 projects with a “.” character in their project file name cannot be opened in the NVivo 9.0 client software. 
    Tip: This issue has been resolved in NVivo 9.2, so download this update and the issue will not persist. Alternatively, use the File/Manage/Rename Server Project feature to remove the "." character from the project file name.
  7. In some PDF documents, it is not possible to select contents over multiple pages in a top-down (forward) direction.
    TIP: To avoid this issue, select contents in a bottom-up (backward) direction.
  8. Importing Reports created in a later version of NVivo may lead to system crash. NVivo does not support forwards compatibility of Reports and Extracts. 
    TIP: Upgrade to the latest version of NVivo to avoid this issue.
  9. When adding a connector between two Model shapes, sometimes the arrow can point the opposite way than intended.
    TIP: Select the connector and choose the Reverse Direction Ribbon option.
  10. Under certain circumstances, a Framework summary can be erroneously deleted from your project if:
    1. The only Framework Matrix referencing it is deleted, or
    2. The row or column referencing it is removed from the only Framework Matrix referencing the summary in the project.
    Tip: Ensure that ALL summaries are referenced by at least 1 Framework Matrix. It may help to create a special folder that contains a number of Framework Matrices that include every possible theme node and case node combination that you will want to use in your research. You do not need to work directly with these Framework Matrices, but can instead create a separate folder with Framework Matrices that match more the style of your research methodology.

Additional known issues with the 64-bit version of NVivo 9

  1. Some video files with .mov or .qt extension may not play.
  2. You will not be able to change the automatic layout of models.


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