Are there any known issues in NVivo Server 11 R2?

NVivo Server 11 R2 contains a small number of known issues, which we’ve listed below. Also, where they’re available, we have given you ‘tips’ or workarounds.

  • If a backup job existed prior to upgrading:
    • Emails will not be sent if the backup job fails.
    • Old Backups will not be automatically deleted when the backup job is run.

WORKAROUND:  Delete the Backup Job in NVivo Server Manager, then Create a New Backup Job in NVivo Server Manager.

  • If running Windows Server 2008 R2 and upgrading from NVivo Server 11 to NVivo Server 11 R2:
    • The NVivo Server Manager may not load.
    • You may be unable to create and open NVivo server projects using NVivo Client.

WORKAROUND: Rerun the Upgrade.bat file which will reinstall NVivo Server 11 R2.

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