Are there any known issues in NVivo Server 9?

NVivo Server 9 contains a small number of known issues which are listed below. Also, where they're available, we have given you 'tips' or workarounds: After un-installing NVivo Server 9 on a Windows 2003 Server, you will need to reboot the server before proceeding with a new install of NVivo Server 9.

Note: This is only applicable to a Windows 2003 Server. If a user is added as a 'Project owner' to an NVivo project via NVivo Server Manager, and is not in the 'Project Creator's' group on the server, they will not have permissions to give other users access to those projects.

TIP: When making a user a 'Project owner' via NVivo Server Manager, ensure that they are also added as a 'Project Creator' in the server group. Unable to Create or Open Server projects using a local user account name with Japanese or Chinese characters.

TIP: When creating or opening Server projects, use non-Unicode user names. Unable to add an NVivo Server connection using a Specified User if the local PC is a Japanese Operating System. The backslash character used to separate the Server name and local user name is a Yen character on a Japanese Operating System. If your organization is working with NVivo Server 9 and has not downloaded NVivo Server 9 Service Pack 1 you will be unable to work with the most recent release of the NVivo 9 client Software (NVivo 9.1 and later). To download this free update, click on the relevant related link below.

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