How do I activate NVivo Server 9?

When you purchase NVivo Server you are provided with a license key. You must activate the license key before users can connect to the server to work with NVivo Server projects.

For step-by-step instructions refer to the NVivo Server 9 Installation and Setup Guide .

NVivo Server supports multiple active license keys. You must purchase a license key with a processor license for each CPU (a multi-core processor counts as one CPU). For virtual servers, a processor license is required for each CPU allocated to the server instance. If you upgrade your hardware, you may need to purchase additional processor licenses.

To activate a server license key:
1  In NVivo Server Manager, click the Licensing tab.
2  On the left, click the Licenses tab.
3  For the license you want to activate, click Activate .
4  In the Activate License dialog box, enter the contact details.
5  Click Activate .

Depending on the conditions of your license, the key will entitle you to run NVivo Server on a server with a specific number of processors and entitle you to a specific number of Client Access Licenses (CALs)—you can see the details at the bottom of the Licenses tab. Refer to ‘Manage Client Access Licenses’ later in this guide.


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