How do I move from XSight to NVivo?

While you are able to export your data from XSight and then import it into NVivo, there is no direct conversion of a project. Below are some steps to work around this and help you in your transition from XSight to NVivo:

  • Some data in XSight can be exported as documents and imported into NVivo – including your documents, reports, analysis frameworks and the commentaries they contain. This can provide a starting point for building equivalent analysis structures in NVivo which can then facilitate continued analysis of your data using NVivo’s advanced functionality.
  • Some data cannot be exported from XSight, including queries, query results, respondents and their sample characteristics.
  • Some concepts in XSight, especially around Maps and the hierarchical ideas they contain, do not match structures in NVivo, and may need to be adapted.

As at 1 April 2013, XSight is no longer available for purchase.Support for XSight ceased as at 31st January 2014.


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