Can I work with materials in languages other than English in NVivo 9?

NVivo 9 lets you work with Unicode data, which means you can work with data in virtually any language in NVivo 9 - not only in your documents, videos, photos, spreadsheets and audio files but also throughout the analysis process. This includes searches, names of nodes and attributes. NVivo 9 can also handle symbol and character based languages such as Japanese, Mandarin and Cantonese.

Additionally, a software update called NVivo 9.2 that was released in September 2011 enables you to work within NVivo 9 in any of six languages – English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese and Simplified Chinese. The NVivo 9.2 update is free for all NVivo 9 users. A separate Japanese language version of NVivo 9 is also available.

Please note, NVivo 9.2 allows you to open projects created in previous versions of NVivo including NVivo 9, NVivo 8 and NVivo 7. However, projects created in NVivo 9.2 cannot be opened in previous version of NVivo, including NVivo 9.


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