What should I do if I am undertaking a text search and I receive an 'NVivo application error message'?

If you receive an ‘NVivo application error message’, first click OK on the error message box.
Then refer to the Search Progress box. This will tell you which document was being searched at the time of the error. Click Cancel on the search progress box to cancel the search. 

Now try the following steps: 

  • Open the relevant document in a Document Browser and make some minor change to its text, such as inserting a space character. That may fix the data set in the document that caused the search error, and all should now be well
  • Copy the text in the document and paste into a new blank document - this will copy the text and the coding
  • If the document has not yet been coded or if minimal coding has been completed, the easiest fix is to re-import the document and reapply the coding


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