Can I use NVivo 9 with NVivo Server 9 over the Internet?

NVivo 9 is designed to work in a networked environment with NVivo Server 9. The network between NVivo 9 and NVivo Server requires a minimum connection speed of 100 Mbps (although 1,000 Mbps is recommended) which is typical of a local area network (LAN).

Internet connection speeds however, are typically within 3 Mbps - 25Mbps (DSL) which is too slow for connections between NVivo 9 and NVivo Server. However, 'thin-client' software products are available that allow users to connect remotely to their applications using the Internet. These products would allow NVivo 9 to connect to NVivo Server 9 over the Internet.

Thin client software products include:

  • Citrix XenApp
  • Citrix XenDesktop
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection
  • Microsoft Remote Desktop Services
  • Quest Software vWorkspace


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