What is the project size limit in NVivo for Mac?

The maximum project file size on NVivo 10 for Mac is 512GB, however the observable project file size limit is dependent on machine specifications and type of project data.

NVivo 10 for Mac projects are able to handle up to thousands of sources including documents, audio, video, and PDFs.

There are some important considerations and impacts when dealing with very large projects:

  • The size of the project may impact performance of the software;
  • If you plan to switch  NVivo 10 for Mac and NVivo for Windows, you must keep your project below
  • The NVivo for Windows maximum project size of 10 GB;

by default, audio and video sources over 20MB will be stored externally to your project and they will not contribute to your project’s file size. You may choose to increase this limit to a maximum of 40MB.

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