Can I open and work with my NVivo project from a USB Disk or a memory stick?

While you can open and work with your NVivo project from an USB Disk/memory stick, we would advise against this. Instead, when working with a project, we recommend that the file is located on your computer's hard disk drive.

QSR recommends that you:

  • Only use USB Disks/memory sticks for backing up and transferring project files.
  • If you do use an USB Disk/memory stick, always allow NVivo to complete the save process. Do not forcibly close the application.
  • If you do work on your NVivo project from an USB Disk/memory stick, follow the recommended steps to safely remove plug and play devices. Microsoft provides guidance on this. Download the article Managing Devices and scroll to the heading 'Safe Removal of Plug and Play Devices'.
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