How has working with PDF documents been improved in NVivo 9?

While you could always work with PDFs in NVivo 9 and NVivo 8, a free update called NVivo 9.1 was released in June 2011 which significantly improved PDF handling.

With NVivo 9.1 or later, you can easily import your PDFs – and when you view them inside the software, they’ll look like they do in Adobe Reader. There’s no need for double handling or converting your PDFs before importing them … and no more frustration!

Importantly, you can code text, images and tables within PDFs. You can also annotate them, add links, view coding stripes, search them, query them, see them in your nodes or in your visualizations such as charts and models.

Refer to the related link below for more information about working with PDFs in NVivo 9.


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