NVivo Server 9 IT administration requirements

We provide an extensive range of free technical resources for NVivo Server 9 – from information about software installation and system requirements, through to frequently asked questions and answers for IT Administrators.
Resources Description
Installation and Setup Guide Download the Installation and Setup Guide for critical information about preparing to install NVivo Server, installing NVivo Server, and configuring user permissions and allocating licenses.
Licensing and procurement information On the How to Buy page you can find information about licensing requirements and procurement options for NVivo Server 9.
System requirements     For multiple users to work in the same NVivo 9 project at the same time, your organization will need to meet the system requirements for both NVivo 9 and NVivo Server 9.
Online help     NVivo Server 9 comes with 'Help' that contains detailed step-by-step 'how to' instructions for working with the software.
Access online Help for NVivo Server directly or from the Help menu in your software.
Frequently asked questions Our frequently asked questions (FAQs) and answers contain technical information about NVivo Server 9, including FAQs for IT Administrators.
Need help? Get free one-on-one assistance via telephone or email. We’ll typically respond within one working day. Contact Support.
Download software Get the most up to date versions of our software from the Downloads page. You’ll need the updates if you purchase new machines or rebuild or re-image existing machines.
NVivo Server 9 is only available via DVD – contact your nearest QSR office if you’re an existing user and you need a new copy.
Training and consultancy QSR runs face to face and online workshops, and also provides customized consulting services to assist with project set up for teams for example. Read more or locate a workshop near you.