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5 reasons to become an NVivo user tester

04 March 2015 - IN for, mac, nvivo, testing, usability, user, Windows

Close your eyes and think about the data you wrangle everyday. Emails, articles, interviews, surveys, social media and beyond.

Now, think about the technology you use to capture and manage this deluge - everything from the big players like Outlook, Evernote, Word, SurveyMonkey and NVivo to the smaller (and more mysterious) apps that proliferate on your mobile device.

In this soup of data and technology, what is the single most important and constant factor?

You are.

Your goals and the easiest path to them.  The unique way you make sense of the world. The ideas that delight and inspire you. In fact, you are at the core of truly useful technology.

And that's why we're excited to be launching the NVivo user testing community - we want you at the front and centre of NVivo's ongoing development strategy.  

So, what is a user testing community?

The user testing community is a group of users who we’ll call on to test new features and functionality in advance of public release.

Consider this scenario:

The development team want to build a new type of query for researchers who work in a team.

They come up with a few initial ideas and maybe even a prototype.

Next, they want to validate their ideas and approach. Does this new query support the analytical process? Does it solve a real-world problem faced by research teams? Is it intuitive and easy-to-use?

They reach out to the registered user testers who have indicated that they work in a team.

The testers either come into the office here at QSR or test remotely from anywhere around the globe.

The development team ask them to run some usability tests, and encourage them to provide honest feedback. The testers can discuss this new query (and the joys of research in general) with other researchers via an online forum.

That's the user testing community in a nutshell.

It's also worth noting that user testers are not called upon to test every feature, just those that align with their interests and expertise. And, of course they can opt out at any time.

Give me five good reasons to join!

Ok, here they are:

  1. Make a difference - because you see features in their early stages, you can influence the final direction they take. Developers will consider your feedback in order to better understand the challenges you face.  Not only is this good news for your future qualitative projects but it will positively impact your fellow researchers too.
  2. Learn NVivo - being hands-on is often the best way to learn new technology. If you're already using NVivo or are thinking about it, then being a user tester is a great way to get close and personal with the product. Our development team will introduce the new features and as you work through the test scenarios you'll be learning as you go.
  3. Be the first to know - as part of the user test community you'll be able to see (and play with) new features before we flesh them out and deliver them into the world of research. For example, if we're considering a new way of visualizing or querying data, we'll run you through our ideas and ask you to experiment with a prototype.
  4. Raise your profile - if you teach NVivo or have your own research consultancy, then being a member of the user test community is a great way to demonstrate your commitment and expertise.
  5. Network with your peers - we encourage conversation in the user test community. As you test features you can discuss your feedback with like-minded researchers (in our exclusive forum) and share information that can inform and support your qualitative projects.

Ok, I'm convinced. How do I sign up?

Well, here's something I prepared earlier...

Hopefully you're feeling inspired and ready to be part of what promises to be an energetic and vibrant community - just click here to get started.