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Awaken your inner NVivo Ninja – enrol in a flexible, affordable, instructor-led online course

15 April 2015 - IN for, mac, nvivo, training, Windows

Let's start with a few questions:

  • Do you prefer a self-paced learning environment?
  • Limited budget for training?
  • Don’t have the time to attend an NVivo classroom workshop?
  • Live in a location where training is not readily available?
  • Prefer to have some interaction with instructors and others as you learn?

Yes, yes and yes?  Then you should seriously consider taking one of our freshly-minted online training courses.

A Ninja is born

These courses are developed by the QSR Training and Research Consultancy team and, whether you are on Windows or a Mac, you will find a course to suit.

All you need is an internet connection, a Ninja mindset and a spare ten hours (spread over the course of a week).

You can watch videos, review expert content and complete tasks  - all at your own pace and with the enthusiastic support of experienced instructors (Cindi, Silvana and Sue):

As you progress through the lessons, you can ask questions and engage in conversations with other like-minded participants:

Finish it all off by sharing your work in a live session and gain valuable input from your tutors and peers.

Return to your research project with renewed confidence - ready to unleash your NVivo Ninja.

Get Started with Fundamentals

Take the 'Fundamentals' course to get to grips with basic features and key concepts.  Most importantly, learn how to design an NVivo project from the ground up. Import source materials and practice the art of coding, reflecting and interpreting.

Moving on

The 'Moving On' course builds on the basics - so you should complete the Fundamentals first. In this more advanced course you'll learn how to build effective node structures, work with demographic data and harness the power of queries and visualizations.

More courses, including courses on special topics, will follow later this year.

How to register

Here's a quick summary of how it all works:

  • Check out the available courses and click the one that suits you best
  • Register and pay for the course - $100 ($50 for students)
  • Receive email confirmation and instructions for accessing the virtual classroom
  • Move sequentially through the lessons at anytime over a one week period
  • Share your work in an interactive live session at the end of the week

Early days

In our first month of running these courses, over 100 users have been enrolled and we expect this number to grow as the word spreads.

We look forward to ‘seeing’ you online very soon - black masks and blue swords optional :)

Cindi Jacobs, Silvana Di Gregorio, Sue Bullen