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New NVivo updates are here! We’ve got you covered no matter which edition you use.

17 January 2017 - BY Kath McNiff

You asked and we listened – in this new update we improved the way NVivo works for you.

New features include:

  • Streamlined ways to manage coding in NVivo 11 for Windows.
  • Improvements to charts in NVivo 11 for Windows.
  • Share your research, print in NVivo for Mac.

Download and install the updates now.

Manage your coding with codebook

This latest update lets you see a list all of your nodes and their descriptions. This way, you can review how your research is progressing, review early themes and evaluate your analysis.


Export a summary of your coding structure to Microsoft Word or Excel so that you can share it with others.

You can show nodes and sub-nodes within your project, their descriptions, a count of the coding references and the number of sources coded so that you can discuss and align coding practices with your team members or describe your coding methods with your supervisor.

This is a great way to clear up any ambiguities or review early themes in your research.

Working independently?

Keep the codebook by your side as you code the source materials. This way you will remember your Nodes and never waste time wondering which node to use.

We’ll explore more ways of working with the codebook in an upcoming blog post.

Explore your coding at the click of a button

When you’re looking at your nodes, get direct access to word clouds, charts and queries to explore your coding at the click of a button.

Now you can:

  • See if there is overlap with other themes.
  • Find the most common words people are using to describe this theme.
  • See what the broader context is.
  • Find any commonalities or differences between the people who mention this theme.

Simply open a node and select an option from the Node tab:

Edit and produce high resolution charts

Thanks to your feedback, we’ve made charts even easier to work with. Whether it’s reviewing the coding in an interview or checking the demographic spread of research participants – charts give you a visual way to explore your data.

From a centralized Chart ribbon, you can now change the format and edit charts: 

You can also export charts at a higher resolution – so they look even better in reports and presentations.

Printing in NVivo for Mac

Keen to share your work with peers, team mates or supervisors?

You can now:

  • Print your text sources with coding stripes, nodes, cases, maps and diagrams.
  • Print node reference view with coding stripes and highlighting.
  • Print visualizations.

Download the updates now

Install the updates to get started.

We take feedback seriously – comment below by logging in or start a discussion in the NVivo User Group on LinkedIn – to help us continue to improve the way NVivo works for you.