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NVivo for Mac just got even better

02 August 2016 - BY Kath McNiff

Collect your notes, organize your literature review and enrich your analysis with the latest update to NVivo for Mac.

In a nutshell, the update lets you:

  • Streamline your literature reviews with new support for reference management tools; Mendeley, Zotero and RefWorks
  • Use intuitive coding tools to identify themes
  • Compare and explore your data visually with new comparison diagrams
  • Work on-the-go with a seamless connection to OneNote Online

Discover how NVivo for Mac will help you be more productive in your research journey! Install the update today.

Streamline your literature reviews with new support for reference management software

NVivo for Mac already provides support for researchers who use EndNote to manage their PDFs and bibliographic information. Now, if you use Zotero, RefWorks or Mendeley instead - we’ve got you covered.

Bringing your literature into NVivo really opens the door to in-depth analysis. You can easily search for text in articles, run word frequency queries and make comparisons between authors and their ideas.

NVivo’s analytical tools help you to define key terms, critically evaluate the work of others and establish a theoretical framework for your own study. You can look for gaps in the literature and find out where you can contribute.

Using Mendeley as an example, here’s a quick video to demonstrate:

For more information, join this upcoming webinar Improving your literature review with NVivo for Mac – it’s free and will help you manage that scary pile of reading!

A more intuitive coding experience makes your analysis easier

This update introduces a very handy coding panel that will help you code faster than ever before.

Here’s how it works:

Just select the content you want to code and click the yellow light bulb ⌘ + /:



This gives you access to a one-stop-shop for coding to a new, existing or recent node. You can easily see whether a node already exists or whether you need to make a new one.

Refer to the resource; Coding Techniques for the nitty gritty details.

Use comparison diagrams to help you answer the tricky questions

Comparison diagrams give you a visual way to check for similarities or differences between two items in your project (cases, nodes or sources).

For example, let’s say you interviewed Maria and Betty to gather their perceptions about environmental change.  Then, you coded the interviews at themes like habitat, jobs and economy. Now you want to ask the question – what do these two cases have in common and where do their perceptions differ?

With the latest update, you can visualize the answer to this kind of question in a comparison diagram:


Research on the go with NVivo and OneNote

Do you love OneNote Online as much as we do?

It’s a fantastic tool for taking notes and is also great for recording interviews and snapping pictures.

Now, you can gather this kind of data when you’re out in the field and then bring it into NVivo for Mac when you’re back at your desk. It’s as simple as connecting to your Microsoft Account and importing the pages you want to work with.

Here’s how it works:

Once you have what you need in NVivo, you can dig even deeper into your data – search for common themes, annotate as you go and visualize information.

Get started today

Install the update today and take your analysis to a new level.