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Reasons you need the new NVivo for Mac update

05 April 2016 - BY Kath McNiff

The NVivo for Mac update is here!

NVivo for Mac is continuing to evolve at a steady pace and this update brings some seriously useful visualizations as well as support for more languages.

Here's a peek:

Work in more languages

If you’ve been looking forward to working with a French, German or Spanish (Mexico) interface - then your wait is over.

You can change the interface setting (via your Mac system preferences) and work in your chosen language.


Brainstorm and think creatively

Fire-up your right brain and think creatively with the new mind maps.  Whether you’re capturing early thoughts or consolidating themes, a mind map can help you to step back from the textual data and let your visual side take over.


The interface is smooth and easy to navigate which means you can quickly capture moments of inspiration - especially useful when you’re brainstorming in a team.

Be guided by your intuition

Explore diagrams help you to follow hunches and track connections between the people, themes and sources in your project.

For example, this is an explore diagram for the case node Betty (at the centre of the diagram):



By looking at the connected nodes, you can see that Betty touches on themes like water quality, balance and economy.

You can double-click a theme node and see its connections. Who else mentions the theme? Are there any linked memos? You can keep following your train of thought through the various items in your project. Detective work made easy.

Spot trends and liven-up presentations

You can use hierarchy charts to get a holistic view of your data from different angles. For example, just by clicking on Hierarchy Chart in the ribbon, you can get a feel for the dominant themes in your project:


You could also create a hierarchy chart to check the spread of your survey respondents.

For example, this hierarchy chart shows how people responded to the question 'What do you think of the pace of development down east?' - broken down by age and gender:


For a different perspective, you can visualize the same data in a sunburst:


Update now

The new update is free, quick to download and won't change the things you're used to. Instead, the visualizations add a new dimension to your work and help to expand your data horizons.

Add this to the fact that you can work in French, German or Spanish (Mexico) and you have an update that’s definitely worth downloading.

So, when you see that update prompt - don’t be shy.  Just click the link and make it yours.