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When a blog is the answer

18 March 2013 - BY Conversations at QSR International IN blog, welcome

Sometimes a Tweet just isn't enough to get your message across.

Facebook and LinkedIn give you more than 140 characters but etiquette demands that you keep it brief.

Instagram and Pinterest are only interested in your aesthetic beauty.

What if you have an idea you want to flesh out and explore? A methodological issue ripe for debate? A new analysis technique that you want to test drive?

Well obviously, you start a blog!

So here we are.

Welcome to The NVivo blog.

Whether you're a student, an early career researcher or an established practitioner—our bloggers (both inside and outside of QSR) hope to inspire you with innovative approaches, real research stories and practical strategies for using NVivo.

Because let's face it—regardless of method or discipline—most qualitative researchers want to be productive, make efficient use of technology, keep up-to date with the latest thinking and deliver credible, robust research.  We hope our blog posts will help you face some of these challenges. It's a big call, but we're up for it!

Just follow us on Twitter or Facebook and we'll let you know when there is new content.

It's an exciting time for qualitative and mixed methods research—so be part of the blog equation and tell us what sort of posts you'd like to see!