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Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Overview of Training and Consultancy

Our expert team of international trainers and consultants provide a range of services to help you to get the most out of your QSR software, no matter where you are.

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Training and consultancy services are ideal for those who are new to qualitative research software, and for those who are current QSR software users or upgrading from previous versions of our software. 

NVivo Certified Platinum Trainers

Choose from a global network of NVivo Certified Platinum Trainers to get the research edge. Our trainers can provide consulting and training services that include:

  • Consultation about your research project.
  • Provide you with in-house training and workshops.
  • Help you troubleshoot a wide range of research projects or methodological approaches. 

Classroom Training

NVivo for Windows

  • 2-Day Workshop on NVivo for Windows: Day 1 is for Starter, Pro and Plus users and covers everything that those using Starter need to know and covers the basics for Pro and Plus users. Day 2 builds on the knowledge from Day 1 with the additional features available in the Pro and Plus editions. NB: Group Discount applies for four or more people registering together.
  • Day 1: Fundamentals of NVivo for Windows (for Starter, Pro and Plus): This hands-on workshop is a basic introduction to NVivo and will provide you with the information and practice you need to get started with your own project. Using sample data, you’ll create a project in NVivo and will work with textual data (Word documents and PDF files). You will be introduced to some basic queries and visualizations.
  • Day 2: Moving on with NVivo for Windows (for Pro and Plus only): The second day of the course explores features of the software available in the Pro and Plus editions. We will look at other kinds of sources, with a particular focus on survey data (datasets). In addition, we will look at the three types of mapping tools available, as well as more ways of working with queries including the matrix coding query. We will finish with a demonstration of the automated insights and sociogram features available in the Plus edition.
  • Literature Review and NVivo Workshop: Discover how bibliographic software such as EndNote, RefWorks and Zotero organizes your literature and keeps track of references.

NVivo for Mac

Please contact us to register your interest in this workshop.

Online Training

Online training is ideal for those who want to access training without leaving the office. Our online training options combine flexible self-paced study with virtual interaction with an experienced facilitator.

NVivo for Windows

  • Fundamentals of NVivo for Windows: A basic introduction to NVivo that will provide you with the fundamental information you need to get started with your own project.
  • Moving on with NVivo for Windows: Go beyond the basics to asking questions of your data and your analysis using categorical data like demographics, grouping tools, and coding queries.

NVivo for Mac

  • Fundamentals of NVivo for Mac: By the end of this course you'll have your project design in NVivo for Mac underway and be ready to move forward with your research.
  • Moving on with NVivo for Mac: You will learn about strategies for effective analysis including powerful coding structures, integration of demographic or other categorical data, text analysis and coding queries.


Customized Training and Consultancy

Highly customized and flexible, consulting can be arranged for individuals and groups; be delivered over one or two hours, or several days; at your premises or at a wide number of international locations.

  • Consultancy: if you need more in-depth or specific training consider a consultation - either in person or online.
  • Team workshops: we can arrange an onsite workshop for your research team, or if your colleagues are geographically dispersed, we can organize an online workshop.
  • By phone or email: access expert advice and services as needed

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