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How do I merge projects in NVivo Server 9?

NVivo 9 offers an inbuilt merge function, which gives you the ability to merge the structure and/or content of your projects. This facilitates teamwork, allowing users to work separately on copies of the same project and then merge them together.

NVivo 9 enables you to fully merge projects, merge specific content or merge just the project structure. You can also choose how to handle duplicate items.

Warning : We recommend that you make a copy of both projects before merging.

To fully merge projects:

  1. Open the project that you want to import into. Server projects must be opened exclusively. This is necessary when importing structure or content from another project.
  2. On the External Data tab, in the Import group, click Project .
    The Import Project dialog box opens. 
  3. Click the Browse button and select the project you want to import. 
    a. Select NVivo Server Projects from the Files of type list, the server from the Connection name box, and the project you want to import from the Project files box.
    b. Click Open .
  4. Under Select the project items to import , select All (including content) .
  5. Under For duplicate items , choose whether you want to merge the duplicates or create new project items.
  6. Click Import .
    The import may take a few minutes—you can monitor the progress of your import in the Status bar at the bottom of the NVivo window.
    When the import has finished, the Import Project Report is displayed.
  7. (Optional) Print the report for your records—you cannot access this report once it is closed.

For more information on merging projects, please refer to the topic ‘Import items from another NVivo project’ in the Help in your NVivo software.


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