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What licensing options are available to me?

QSR provides a range of licensing options designed to fit your work environment and budget. These include:

Single licenses
If you want to install your QSR NVivo software on one computer and use it indefinitely, a single license is for you. Your one-time license fee lets you use the software as long as you want, with no additional or ongoing fees.

Multiple licenses
If you need to buy three or more perpetual licenses at once, you are entitled to receive a discount:

  • Purchase 3 to 4 licenses for a 10% discount.
  • Purchase 5 to 14 licenses for a 20% discount.
  • Purchase 15+ licenses for a 25% discount.

Student licenses
If you’re a full time student using QSR NVivo software for educational purposes, you’re eligible for a discount on your software license.  Our exclusive students-only offer lets you install and use a fully functioning version of NVivo software for twelve months. You’ll be required to provide a form of student identification at the time of purchase. Note - The student license is not available for NVivo 11 Plus for Windows.

Enterprise licenses
Need to license your whole team? Enterprise licenses are the most cost effective way for people across an organization to work with QSR NVivo software. An alternative to paying a one-time license fee, our enterprise licenses are customized to suit your needs - whether you need to license your entire organization, your office or a group of users. 

An enterprise license offers serious value for money and while your agreement is current, you’ll receive access to major software releases, and access to QSR’s support team.

Note: NVivo Server 11 will allow team members to work in the same project at the same time, when combined with NVivo 11 for Windows. This product can be purchased as a single license or under an enterprise license arrangement – contact our Sales offices directly for further information.

NVivo Server 11 is not available for Mac.

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