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Want to learn more about qualitative research methods or using QSR software? From free product manuals, to books written by leading researchers, you'll find the latest publications here.

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Qualitative Data Analysis with NVivo Second edition; Bazeley and Jackson; 2013; Sage Publications Ltd. This book is an introduction to planning and conducting qualitative data analysis with NVivo. It offers an ideal mix of practical instruction, methodology and real world examples.
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Qualitative Data Analysis: Practical Strategies First edition; Pat Bazeley; 2013, Sage Publications Ltd. An introduction to qualitative data analysis. It’s a practical guide to each stage of the analysis process, pairing theoretical discussion with practical advice using examples from projects across social sciences. Sample chapters are available to download.
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NVivo 9 Workbook Set This set of two workbooks provides step by step instructions and illustrative screen shots for working with NVivo 9. ‘NVivo 9 Basics’ helps you to set up your project and work with your material and ‘NVivo 9 Advanced’ shows you how to conduct in depth analysis, discover patterns, visualize your data and share your findings.   Buy Now
Handling Qualitative Data: A Practical Guide (3rd edition) Lyn Richards; 2014; 3rd edition; Sage Publications Ltd. This book is written for all researchers - students and practitioners – who meet qualitative data and wish to do it justice. It introduces qualitative methods in a uniquely practical manner, carrying the years of experience of its author in assisting researchers to manage projects of all sizes and subtleties, in all qualitative research disciplines.  Buy Now

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