NVivo for Mac

NVivo for Mac

NVivo for Mac QDA software enables you to collect, organize and analyze data from interviews, focus groups, web pages, observations and literature on your Mac.

NVivo for Mac is the first software for qualitative data analysis that is a true Mac application built to OS X guidelines, providing a true Mac experience for computer assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) users. You can work with content from documents, web pages, PDFs, audio and video, enabling you to evaluate, interpret and uncover social phenomena.

Purchase NVivo for Mac now or download a free 30-day trial. Or if you already have a license for NVivo 10 for Windows, you can download and use NVivo for Mac at no extra charge for the remaining term of your license.


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NVivo 10 for Windows users

With NVivo 10 for Windows Service Pack 5 or later, you can use the ‘Copy Project’ feature to convert your NVivo for Windows projects to NVivo for Mac projects. Before converting any projects, we recommend you backup your project and also understand the cross platform limitations and issues as all data may not successfully convert due to limitations between interchange of data between operating systems.


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