NVivo 9


Access free NVivo add-ons for capturing data from web browsers and OneNote.

If you’re running the latest version of NVivo 10 for Windows then these add-ons may already be installed. Read instructions on how to check this.

NCapture for web browsers NVivo Add-In for OneNote


Use NCapture, a web browser extension, to quickly and easily capture web content (web pages, online PDFs and social media data from Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and YouTube) for analysis in NVivo 10. NVivo can help you see patterns in your social media datasets with automatic visualization features, and you can also automatically code content to quickly group social media data together.

You can capture:

  • Web pages and online PDFs: Use NCapture to gather web pages and online PDFs. Then import them into NVivo as PDF sources.
  • Facebook wall posts and comments: Use NCapture to gather Facebook wall posts and comments from people, organizations or groups. Then import them into NVivo as a dataset source.
  • Twitter content: Use NCapture to gather Tweets from Twitter—for example, Tweets that include a particular word, phrase or hashtag, or Tweets by a particular user. Then import them into NVivo as a dataset source.
  • LinkedIn group discussions: Use NCapture to gather LinkedIn group discussions that are relevant to your research. Then import them into NVivo as a dataset source.
  • Import YouTube content: Use NCapture to collect YouTube videos and work with them in NVivo. You may also want to import comments as a dataset.

See NCapture in action

View our short videos on using NCapture.

Download NCapture

To use NCapture for Internet Explorer, you need to be using Internet Explorer 8 or later. To use NCapture for Chrome, you need to be using Google Chrome 21 or later.

NVivo Add-In for OneNote

You can import your OneNote content, including pages, sections and notebooks, into NVivo 10 for Windows using the NVivo Add-In for OneNote. You can even retain the structure of your OneNote content in NVivo so you can easily and quickly get on with your analysis. See how NVivo imports OneNote data.

System requirements

To use the NVivo Add-In for OneNote, your machine needs to meet certain system requirements.

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 SP1
  • Microsoft OneNote 2007 or 2010
  • Microsoft Word 2007 or 2010
  • .NET Programmability Support for Microsoft Office (OneNote) must be enabled.

Download NVivo Add-In for OneNote

To install the latest version of NVivo Add-In for OneNote, download here and follow the prompts.


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