Released in 2002, N6 (NUD*IST 6) set the benchmark for qualitative research software designed to handle large volumes of information.

Our NVivo 10 for Windows software supersedes N6. It includes the features of N6 and much more - including the ability to work with PDFs, surveys, web and social media data, photos, video and audio files. NVivo 10 also allows you to open and work with projects you've developed in N6.

Features and benefits

Although N6 isn't a current product you can still read about its features and benefits here.


Supported versions of QSR software include the latest products (NVivo 10 for Windows, NVivo for Mac and NVivo Server 10) plus the previous two versions (NVivo 9 and NVivo 8). This means that N6 users can no longer contact our support team for one-on-one assistance.

For support, refer to the manuals provided with N6, which are the 'N6 Reference Guide' and a text for 'Using N6 in Qualitative Research'. Also, you can download ‘Getting Started in N6’ free. It will help to familiarize you with the N6 workspace and guide you through your project set up.

System requirements

To install and run N6, your computer will need to meet a series of hardware and software requirements. These requirements are provided below.

Component Minimum Recommended
Processor 100MHz Pentium
compatible processor
233MHz Pentium
compatible processor or faster
Memory 64MB RAM 128MB RAM or higher
Display 800 x 600 screen resolution 1024 x 768 screen resolution or higher
Operating System Microsoft Windows ME Microsoft Windows 2000 or Microsoft Windows XP
Hard Disk 15MB of available space 50MB of available space
Other CD-ROM

Purchase our latest software

Purchase NVivo 10 for Windows and you’ll be able to open and work with projects that were developed in N6. View NVivo 10 pricing or buy.

There are a range of licensing options – choose from a single license, multiple licenses, a student license, a semester license or an enterprise license.



Test our NVivo 10 for Windows software for yourself with a free trial version.


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