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For Education

NVivo learning and teaching resources

Teaching research methods with NVivo

Our NVivo Teacher's Guide has been designed to make it easier to incorporate NVivo into coursework. It's flexible enough to suit various styles, approaches and disciplines.

Order transcripts from within NVivo

You can seamlessly order transcripts from within NVivo. Your completed transcripts are delivered right back into NVivo, fast. Learn more.

Go from project to publication with NVivo

See how you can take your research from an NVivo project to a published paper.


See how it’s done: eSeminar videos

Watch these videos to see how others use NVivo and how the software can help you:


NVivo for students

Check out our student discounts:


The NVivo Tookit

This case study demonstrates how NVivo can help students work with qualitative data during PhD research.

Literature reviews with NVivo

Find out how NVivo supports robust literature review writing. Import literature reviews, generate bibliographies and share data with reference management software.

NVivo in scholarly publications

Read how Academics have described their work with NVivo and cited the software in peer-reviewed journal articles.

To read the full articles, access them through your university library.


Available 29th September 2015.



“NVivo was invaluable in 
coding masses of data and, I am sure, contributed to my gaining a Distinction for the dissertation and MSc overall.”

Ann Norman

Anglia Polytechnic University

Microsoft Gold Certified Partner