Can I open and work with my Models I created in a previous version of NVivo?

Customers have been requesting simpler, richer and more flexible Models in NVivo. To support this request we have completely revamped Models in NVivo 11. A key part of this has been updating the component we use for Models with a new component that provides richer modeling capabilities. We have also replaced the NVivo 10 (and prior) Model by several new Maps, each designed to meet specific research needs, making the newer models simpler and more intuitive to use.

For both of these reasons, Models created in previous versions of NVivo (NVivo 10, 9 and 8) are not supported in NVivo 11. If you need access to these Models, we recommend opening your project in NVivo 10 for Windows and exporting the Model as a picture for future reference, or as SVG file if you wish to continue to update in tools such as Visio. 

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