What action should I take when I receive the error message "The project <file path>\<project name> could not be opened, due to an unexpected error"?

This error message usually occurs when projects saved on a Network location are closed unexpectedly, e.g. computer is shut down without closing NVivo, computer goes into power saving mode, network connection is lost etc.

To resolve this error, please update your NVivo 10 Software to the latest service pack by following the steps outlined below:

  1. Launch NVivo 10, go to File > Help > About NVivo.
  2. Under NVIVO VERSION, if you see '10.x.xxx.x (64-bit)' you have the 64 bit version installed, otherwise the 32 bit version is installed. Please note down your NVivo 10 version.
  3. Visit our Downloads page. Under the 'Updates for QSR Software' section, in the 'Product' drop down select NVivo 10 and in the 'select version' dropdown select your NVivo version determined in Step 1.
  4. The screen will refresh, and the recommended service pack that you need to download and install will be displayed. Depending on the version of NVivo 10 you have installed, i.e. 64 bit or 32 bit, select the appropriate file to download.
Once you have updated your NVivo 10 with the latest Service Pack, please open the project from the machine where the project was shut down unexpectedly. 'NVivo project recovery' wizard will launch and you may be offered options to repair the project. Please follow the prompts in the wizard to attempt the recovery of your project.

If the above steps have not resolved the issue, then please submit a support request form with the following information attached:
  • The error message may be accompanied by an error log. Error logs are usually located in your (My) Documents folder and are named like 'err<date>T<time>.log'. Please locate any of these files and attach them to your email.
  • We require some information about your computer
Windows 8:
From the Start screen, start typing msinfo32. Click on the msinfo32 search result displayed.In the System information screen, click on File > Save and save the file to your desktop as info.nfo and attach it to your email.

Windows 7, Vista and XP:
Open the Start menu and in the Run search box type msinfo32 and press the Enter key. The System information page will be displayed.In the System information screen, Go to click on File > Save and save the file to your desktop as info.nfo and attach it to your email.Go to File, select Save, and save the file to your desktop as Info.nfo
  • Also provide us with the name of the antivirus Software you are using.To try to avoid this problem from occurring, it is recommended you save and close your NVivo project completely before you select to shut down your computer.
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