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Title / Description Running time File size
Tutorial 1 - Get up and running with NVivo 9  8 minutes  23 MB 

A demonstration of NVivo using a sample project that looks at environmental change.

Tutorial 10 - Visualize your project  17 minutes  24 MB 

Learn how to explore your data using models, charts and other visualization techniques within NVivo. 

Tutorial 2 - What’s new in NVivo 9  11 minutes  28 MB 

Using existing NVivo 8 software? Learn about NVivo 9’s new features and how they can help you.

Tutorial 3 - Work with survey results  12 minutes  29 MB 

Learn how to use NVivo 9 to work with survey responses, or any information in spreadsheets and database tables.

Tutorial 4 - Work with audio, video and images  12 minutes  29 MB 

Learn how to use NVivo 9 to work with audio recordings, video footage and digital photos.

Tutorial 5 - Work with interviews, articles and other documents  12 minutes  19 MB 

Learn how to import and work with Word documents, PDFs and bibliographical data in NVivo 9.

Tutorial 6 - Organize material into themes with coding  13 minutes  26 MB 

Learn how to use NVivo to organize you material into themes. You'll also see how coding can help you explore and visualize your material.

Tutorial 7 - Work with information about people, places and other cases  11 minutes  20 MB 

Learn how to use NVivo to record and work with information about entities or cases in your project like people, places and organizations.

Tutorial 8 - Explore your coding  13 minutes  22 MB 

Learn how to use coding queries in NVivo to test your ideas and explore your material.

Tutorial 9 - Find themes and analyze text  12 minutes  21 MB 

Learn how to use NVivo's text analysis features to help you identify themes and explore the use of language in your project.


Available 29th September 2015.



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