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Become a Trainer or Consultant in QSR Software

QSR has a program in place to assist those who train in our software. It's designed to both support the efforts of trainers and to ensure our customers have access to expert advice and training in our software, no matter where they are.

Being a part of the QSR trainer program gives you access to a wide range of benefits. We support you by:

  • Putting you in touch with QSR software users and promoting your services through established QSR channels like our website.
  • Providing you with direct access to our in-house training and technical teams for fast assistance on training or software issues.
  • Giving you exclusive access to information on new QSR software releases prior to their release to the market.
  • Giving you exclusive access to training in new QSR software.

How the QSR trainer program works

Our trainer program is not a formal accreditation program. There is no fee to participate and while you'll receive advice, support and other benefits, you'll operate independently of QSR.

To ensure the trainer program continues to meet your needs, and that you continue to meet our requirements, we conduct reviews of listed trainers at least once a year. You'll need to supply QSR with a range of information, including details of any workshops you've held.

Who can become an independent QSR trainer or consultant?

We’re on the lookout for new independent trainers and consultants in regions such as Asia, South America and Africa. If you’re from these regions, are an expert user of QSR software, preferably in a research context, and have experience in teaching others how to use our products, then you may be eligible to become a trainer. You should be prepared to train others outside of your own organization.

Just send an email to and we'll get back to you. You may be required to complete a 'Prospective Trainer/Consultant Questionnaire'.

Questions? Contact QSR

“All aspects of the training workshop were very helpful. The trainers were flexible and catered well to the differing needs in the group.”


Dr. Caroline Mansfield

Murdoch University



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