QDA market leader QSR International acquires Planet Software

Written by QSR International
February 09, 2019
BOSTON, United States, – February 4, 2019. 
QSR International, the world's leading qualitative data analytics software company, today announced the acquisition of Planet Software, the dominant provider of global student placement management software. The acquisition leverages the strong position of both companies in the academic market and enables QSR to enhance its product offering to progressive academic institutions globally.

“There’s increasing demand for graduates with practical work experience across a growing number of disciplines – and academic customers are looking for advanced tools to manage increasing complexities”, said Chris Astle, CEO of QSR International. “This strong desire for well-rounded, experienced graduates is driving change in academic institutions that we look forward to supporting with Sonia.” 

“This is a natural step for Planet Software. With the established networks and business practices that QSR has, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to take Sonia, already the most widely used student placement software, to a more global audience”, said Dean Rosenhain, Director of Planet Software. “We’ve been working with academic institutions to help them more efficiently manage and place students and graduates into their chosen industries for decades. We look forward to working with QSR’s team and its partner network to continue to enhance student placement initiatives around the world.”

“Sonia is a natural complement to our current portfolio of NVivo. It is leading technology that helps academic institutions deliver to an increasing demand for placements, reduce administrative burden and ensure better student and employer experiences. We’re excited about the value this collaboration will bring to both QSR and Planet Software’s current and future customers”, said Astle.  

Corum Group served as strategic advisors to Planet Software.

About QSR International
QSR International gives researchers and marketers the power to uncover rich insights within qualitative data, like articles, interviews, social media and survey responses. With an innovative suite of qualitative data analysis products, NVivo and Interpris, QSR enables both structured, numerical data and unstructured “human” data to be analyzed together, resulting in powerful insights that are otherwise unattainable. The deep insights unlocked help researchers and curious minds worldwide make more informed decisions that create growth, solve problems and improve lives. With benefits for individuals, teams, and organizations, QSR International exposes data and research intelligence in ways that are otherwise impossible.

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About Planet Software
Planet Software is the company behind Sonia - the most widely used student placement management software globally. Sonia streamlines the placement process for universities and employers, and helps students stay on top of their placements.
First created in 1999, Sonia has a history of managing placements that dates back two decades. Based in Adelaide, Australia, Planet Software enjoys the leading position in the Australian student placement market, has a global footprint and is growing over 300% p.a. in the US. For more information visit
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