QSR International Launches Re-imagined NVivo Qualitative Data Analysis Software

Written by QSR International
March 26, 2020
BOSTON, United States, – March 26, 2020. 
QSR International, the leading developer of qualitative data analysis (QDA) software, today announced the launch of the new NVivo, the latest version of its popular research tool used by health, government, non-profit, academic and commercial researchers worldwide. In these times of unprecedented economic and political instability, society relies on research to drive understanding and inform change, and NVivo is core to this process.

The new version of NVivo offers the most intuitive QDA software experience and extends the reach and power of qualitative research as public/private and geographically disparate collaboration grows to address global issues.

“It’s essential that researchers are empowered to continue their critical work – whether that’s teams of public health experts assessing the impacts of disease, or nonprofits evaluating disaster recovery efforts,” said Chris Astle, CEO of QSR International. “We’re thrilled that NVivo now offers a new level of research flexibility and power with cloud-based collaboration and transcription modules,” said Astle.

The new NVivo collaboration module supports global teams to share research data in a secure, cloudbased environment. The transcription module offers unlimited automated transcription of audio files like interviews, giving researchers more freedom to focus on analyzing their data.

In addition to the new cloud-based modules, NVivo provides the most user-friendly research experience and unsurpassed levels of support, from onboarding through to comprehensive customer success programs and materials for all users, whether a doctoral student, or a large international organization.

The new version of NVivo is a step change forward for the QDA market, and further solidifies the brand’s market leading position.

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