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Successfully navigating change management

Getting employee buy-in on transformation plans is crucial.
The only way forward is by getting their input – but how to analyze all that data?


You've just merged: time for action

Engaged People

Imagine you’re the People and Culture Manager at an organization that has just merged with another business. As part of the deal, you’ll be combining your capabilities, services, systems – and workforces. You know it will take several months as new teams are formed, processes are bedded down and knowledge is transferred. You also know that if your employees are not actively engaged in the transformation, it could result in resistance to change, employee insecurity and office tension. Even worse – high attrition rates could affect customer service, and the bottom line.


Engaging employees in change

Employee Engagement

Your organizational change management strategy must include careful planning, communication and engagement. If employees feel left out of the process, they’re more likely to reject what’s put on the table. You know that listening to people on the frontlines is essential to the success of your change management strategy. However, it also means collecting an enormous pile of information.


Data analysis that doesn’t take days

Digging deeper into Data

You decide to collect your employees’ views and ideas on the transformation through a series of discussion forums, surveys, interviews and suggestion boxes. Valuable data is collated in the form of spreadsheets, documents and surveys. To identify important themes without it taking days on end, you decide to use Interpris – easy- to-use and intuitive data analysis software.


A smooth realignment

Actionable Insights

Ideas, opinions, behaviors – it’s all in the comments. Unless you have a time up your sleeve to read hundreds of responses line by line, you’ll never truly find out what your workforce is trying to tell you. And without that rich information, you won’t have meaningful results you can do something with, or the ability to make the right decisions necessary to improve.


Rapid Insight

First, you merge all verbatim feedback into one spreadsheet. Next, you use Interpris to automatically identify key themes in minutes, giving you rapid insight into the thoughts and feelings of the employee base. You then dig deeper and look at employees according to their function, tenure and seniority level. This allows you to identify potential red flags as well as those highly engaged employees who could act as ‘champions of change’ within their team. Your analysis also uncovers some great suggestions from employees for leveraging the credibility and experience of the newly combined organization – ideas that hadn’t previously been thought of.


A retained, engaged workforce

Throughout the change management project, one thing become clear – numbers on their own are just part of the story. Getting to the heart of real behavior is where true insights lie. By providing your employees with a clear, evidence-based plan, they are committed to its success, allowing you to keep hold of your high-performing people. What’s more, by letting employees be a part of the solution, productivity levels remain high as you progress through the change cycle. Seeking first to understand, and then to be understood, requires collecting and analyzing great data. With Interpris, navigating change management is now a lot easier.

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