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Lifting the lid on employee engagement

When developing your next employee engagement strategy, make sure it’s supported by great data that truly captures the voice of your employees.


Fast growth, fast change

Engaged People

Imagine you are the Head of People and Culture at a fast-growing, 500-head tech organization. In the past 12 months, the business has undergone considerable transformation – new people, products and expansion into new markets. During this time, it’s been hard to keep pace with how engaged the employee base is, although you have a sense they could be more engaged.



Numbers are not enough

Employee Engagement

Last year, you decided to keep the annual employee engagement survey simple – asking ‘check the box’, multiple choice and rating-scale questions. You didn’t have time to wade through pages of employee comments, let alone try and pick out any common themes. Unfortunately, what you were left with was not much help at all. With only numbers to ponder, you were stuck. Why were 16% actively looking for another job? Why did 42% of employees feel they couldn’t grow in their role? Without the detail, you had no idea what change was needed.



Actionable Insights

Digging deeper into Data

This year, you choose a different approach. You collect comments, examples and stories from employees, asking open-ended questions in surveys and running focus groups. To compile data and find themes without it taking days on end, you decide to use Interpris – easy-to-use and intuitive data analysis software. First, you import your data into Interpris. Now, all your data is in one place.

Next, you use Interpris to automatically identify key themes. It helps you both understand the ‘what’ (the numbers) and the ‘why’ (the reasons). The findings become clear in minutes, not days.



A highly targeted action plan

Actionable Insights

After sharing the findings and action plan with employees, it’s time to get down to business. You implement leadership development and mentoring programs for the less experienced managers. Workshops are held to identify the systems and processes most needing improvement. Meanwhile, the staff on the fifth floor are moved to the eighth. With large windows, they’re much happier – not just because of the natural light, but because they know they were listened to.



Fast, evidence-based findings

You discover that the organization has grown so fast, the more junior managers just don’t have the experience or training to adequately handle employee problems. Meanwhile, many staff feel the business has outgrown some existing systems and processes. Natural lighting is also an issue for those on the fifth floor – all problems that were not on your radar, nor would they be if you hadn’t asked for feedback. Using Interpris, you quickly build a report for management, complete with graphs and charts. You use this report to create your employee engagement strategy, knowing that all findings are clearly and easily traceable. With your new evidence-based engagement strategies, the organization is able to tackle the issues head on.



A high-performing team, in for the long haul

The following year, engagement scores are up by 27%. With managers better trained and supported, employees are given clearer KPIs, greater recognition, and paths for professional development. Staff retention is higher, meaning less investment in having to find new people. What’s more, profitability is up by 11%. With a stronger work culture, the organization is gaining a reputation in the tech industry as a great place to work. That’s the power of good employee engagement, backed by smart data analysis from Interpris.


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