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by QSR

Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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by QSR

Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Creating software to help you discover the rich insights from humanised data.

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Quality, fast, affordable survey analysis – is it possible?

Anyone who has ever conducted a survey will be familiar with the often frustrating relationship between time, money and quality. Focus too much on one, and cracks are sure to form in another.


Time vs quality vs cost: Can you have it all?

People conducting surveys within public and private organizations regularly find themselves under pressure to find answers quickly, without a budget to hire external help. When survey data analysis is rushed or responses to open-ended questions are not adequately analyzed, you can be certain of one thing – the quality of your results will suffer and true insights may never be uncovered. 

Say you can afford to outsource the job. You're handed a detailed report full of insights ready to present to colleagues. Lucky for you – if only it hadn’t blown your budget for the rest of the year. 

Or, say you aren’t under any time pressure. You're able to go slow and really dig deep into your survey data. Seems too good to be true, until you get handed a new project and you no longer have the time to manually analyze your survey data to uncover rich and meaningful insights. Suddenly time and cost are factors again – either spend more time to the detriment of other work, or spend the money. 

How to dig deeper into your survey data without compromising on cost or time

Fortunately, there's a way to reduce the time and cost of analyzing survey responses without compromising on quality. Leading qualitative data analysis software provider QSR International has created a simple and affordable analysis tool. That tool is Interpris – software which can help you to quickly, yet robustly analyze not just closed-ended responses but also open-ended responses. 

Open-ended survey responses are a good indicator of feelings and behaviors and how communities function. With Interpris, we can ask more of these types of questions, allowing us to get to know these communities on a deeper level and understand their views and needs, quickly and easily,” said Bruce Smith, Senior Social Planner from East Gippsland Shire Council. 

Interpris allows you to import all your survey data in various formats, and it can save you hours – if not days – of work, by automatically categorizing themes from both open and closed-ended survey responses. Suddenly, a lot more is now possible – discoveries await.

For more information on Interpris or to request a quote, simply email info@qsrinternational.com.