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by QSR

Supports robust qualitative and mixed methods research for virtually any data source and any research method.

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by QSR

Intuitive data analysis software designed for public policy experts analyzing surveys.

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Creating software to help you discover the rich insights from humanised data.

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What is Interpris

Revolutionize how you use customer data, so you can make smarter decisions

Jetfuel for your marketing engine


Stop spending weeks using spreadsheets and sticky notes to tag themes and sentiment. Give your customer data analysis a turbo boost with Interpris – an easy-to-use tool for smarter and faster insights for better, evidence-based decisions.

We consulted extensively with people who collect customer feedback from around the globe to understand the challenges in organizing and analyzing data. The result: a tool that lets you automatically find insights hidden in verbatim responses in a snap.
Interpris uses powerful algorithms to automatically analyze each individual response, tagging key themes and and the underpinning sentiment by giving comments a green ‘thumbs up’ or red ‘thumbs down’The deeper the color, the stronger the sentiment. Have confidence in your findings knowing that Interpris uses the latest technology in machine-based learning to analyze your data, helping you make defensible, informed decisions or recommendations.


Take advantage of the most intuitive data analysis software to find insights that others can’t.


 1. Easy import

Easily import data from multiple sources, such as online reviews, surveys, social media, verbatim text, image, video and more.


Reduce analysis time from weeks, to days

Interpris uses powerful algorithms to automatically analyze qualitative and quantitative data from multiple sources, all in the one place. Simply create an online account and get going. Easily upload information like online product reviews, survey responses and general verbatim customer feedback. Bring together data from various file formats including CSV, XLXS and Word format as well as URLs. Quickly draw solid conclusions from a wide range of customer and market data and find answers in a click.

Use qualitative data to its full potential

Discover and develop vital competitive advantages hidden in customer and market data like online reviews, survey responses, social media and general verbatim customer feedback.

Gain a deeper understanding, instantly

Let powerful algorithms analyze and discover sentiment, themes and patterns. Save significant analysis time on detailed and lengthy responses.


  2. Fast analysis

Reduce analysis time from weeks to hours by automatically discovering sentiments and themes from your data.


Teach Interpris as you work

Interpris learns as you use it and applies these learnings to the rest of your data, ensuring consistency in your approach.

Instantly visualize results

See an instant, birds-eye view of your data through using charts, word-clouds, frequency or percentage table. Filter results to observe trends and patterns, or to refine your analysis further. 

Defend findings with evidence

Have confidence in your findings knowing that Interpris uses the latest technology in Machine-based learning to analyze your data, helping you make defensible, informed decisions or recommendations.


3. Smooth collaboration 

Wow your team with evidence-based findings, dynamic dashboards and powerful visualizations in your report orwith shared via the cloud.

Deliver your results via beautiful dashboards

Share and track your findings through dashboards where you can pin up all your visualizations.

 Quickly build your report

 No more time-consuming report building. Simply export visualizations for use in reports or presentations.


Communicate via the cloud

Easily communicate your findings with stakeholders anytime, anywhere on PC, Mac, tablet. Distribute by simply forwarding a web link.

Interpris is the superfuel of your marketing growth engine


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