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On demand, automated, precise transcription for researchers. 

Our pay-as-you-go (PAYG) NVivo Transcription option is perfect if you have a have small amount of transcription. Take advantage of NVivo Transcription’s advanced speech recognition technology to get precise, automated, NVivo-ready transcripts in a snap.  

Couple NVivo Transcription with the power of latest release of NVivo (March 2020) to transcribe directly within the software, empowering you to conduct your analysis all in one place.

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You can buy NVivo Transcription credit by the hour, or save by purchasing a bulk package of 10 hours, while having the flexibility to top up your credit along the way. Your transcription credit lasts for 90 days.

If you need more than 20 hours of transcription, consider an annual subscription. For one simple payment you can access unlimited transcription. 

1 Hour
  • USD 30 /hour
  • AUD 40 /hour
  • GBP 25 /hour
  • EUR 27.5 /hour
5 Hours
  • USD 25 /hour
  • AUD 35 /hour
  • GBP 20 /hour
  • EUR 22.5 /hour

Using NVivo Transcription With Older Versions of NVivo

If you’re using an older version of NVivo, you can use the NVivo Transcription platform to transcribe your files, then simply export your transcripts and import into NVivo for further analysis. Prefer to save time on your transcription? With the latest version of NVivo you can save time by transcribing directly within the software. Learn more
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