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Deliver rapid, accurate transcriptions with NVivo Transcription.

Anyone who needs transcription can use the NVivo Transcription platform to transcribe audio and video files. This might include healthcare professionals who need to transcribe patient and doctor statements, or administration officers who need to transcribe recorded meetings or lectures.

The NVivo Transcription platform is easy to access and can be used on a desktop or mobile device, so there’s no need to download software.

Annual Transcription
Take advantage of annual access to NVivo Transcription, giving you the freedom to transcribe as much as 50 hours in a year, when you need it.

Simple Payment
Gone are the days of having to pay per transcript or prepay for transcription minutes on an ongoing basis. A one-time payment provides you with access to up to 50 hours of transcription for a full 12 months after purchase.

Managing NVivo Transcription With NVivo
With the latest version of NVivo (released in March 2020) you can transcribe directly in NVivo, allowing you to conduct your analysis all in one place. To transcribe directly in NVivo, make sure you're using the latest version. 

If you’re using older versions of NVivo, such as NVivo 12, you can upgrade to the latest version, or use exports to take advantage of transcriptions. For NVivo 12 and under, use the NVivo Transcription platform to transcribe your files, and simply export your transcripts and import into NVivo for further analysis.

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You can purchase annual transcription for yourself, or for your organization. Contact our sales team to learn more about NVivo Transcription for organizations.
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